Infographie : les plus vieilles entreprises du monde

The Oldest Company in Almost Every Country (That is Still in Business)

Oldest companies in Europe

Located in the walls of St Peter’s Abbey in Salzburg, St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium opened in 803 and remains the oldest restaurant in Europe that you can still eat in. The inn is rumoured to have served Christopher Columbus, Johann Georg Faust, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A short leap forward in time and over the border to neighbouring Germany, you’ll find Staffelter Hof Winery, a winery established in 862.

It‘s not all food and drink though: money is another perennial concern! Slovakia’s Kremnica Mint commenced trading in 1328, when the land was under the rule of the Kingdom of Hungary. France’s longest-running business is also a mint: Monnaie de Paris, established in 864. Monnaie de Paris has moved with the times, producing Francs and then Euros – and even producing German currency during the Nazi occupation.

Top 10 oldest companies in the world that are still open for business

The average lifespan of a company in the S&P was around 60 years back in the 1960s. Today that number is closer to 20 years, reports Fortune. Yet some firms have managed to thrive for centuries and even millennia. Take a look at 10 of the world’s oldest companies that are still operating today.

578 Japan Kongō Gumi Construction company
803 Austria St. Peter Stifts Kulinarium Restaurant
862 Germany Staffelter Hof Winery
864 France Monnaie de Paris Mint
886 England The Royal Mint Mint
900 Ireland Sean’s Bar Pub
1040 Italy Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli Bell foundry
1074 Belgium Affligem Brewery Brewery
1135 Denmark Munke Mølle Mill
1153 China Ma Yu Ching’s Bucket Chicken House Restaurant

So much can be learned about a country from the history of its industries, and even more is revealed in the stories of individual businesses. The further you go back, the more fascinating the stories become, and the more insight into the unique histories of each place you’ll find. Do you know the oldest place of business near you?


To create these maps, we started by reviewing various sources on the internet to locate the oldest company in each country. Once we had a list of business for each country we began researching each individual company to discover if they are still operational. If we were unsure about a company or could not discern if it was still open, we did not include it in the maps. We included both independent and state-run businesses in this list. This includes national mints, which produced coins for merchants and international customers as well as the state.

Those countries where it wasn’t possible to identify the oldest business have been greyed-out on the map. Additionally, some countries have changed names or didn‘t exist at the time the oldest company opened. In all cases we have used the current country names.

We created broad industry categorisations that grouped similar businesses together. Every step has been taken to ensure that the information contained within our research is as accurate as possible. However, it is possible that there are businesses still operating that predate the ones listed here.

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