« Notre arme secrète est de vous priver d’ennemi ! »

“Our major secret weapon is to deprive you of an enemy […] It’s historical, it’s human, you have to have an enemy […] So much was built out of this role of the enemy. Your foreign policy, quite a bit of your economy, even your feelings about your country. To have a really good empire, you have to have a really evil empire. […] For many years we thought the world was split into two hostile camps, and the struggle between these camps, socialist and capitalist, would determine the outcome of world history. But we have changed a lot of perceptions … The world is a fragile entity with a web of interdependence; you have to take into account everybody’s interests. What is important now is not the balance of power, but the balance of interests. »

Georgy Arkadyevich Arbatov (1923-2010), Director of the Institute of USA and Canada of the Soviet Academy of Sciences (ISKRAN) – LA Times (1988)